• Port of Klaipeda
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    Port of Klaipeda

    Klaipeda State Seaport is the northernmost ice–free port on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, connecting sea, land and railway routes from East to West. …

  • LLP «NMSC» «Kazmortransflot»
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    LLP «NMSC» «Kazmortransflot»

    “The National Maritime Shipping Company “Kazmortransflot” is the National Sea Carrier of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a reliable service provider to Kazakh and foreign partners. …

  • «Aktau Marine North Terminal» LLP
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    «Aktau Marine North Terminal» LLP

    «Aktau Marine North Terminal» (AMNT) is located on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. It was created in 2014 to increase the growth of freight traffic from Kazakhstan and Central…

  • «KTZE-Khorgos Gateway» LLP
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    «KTZE-Khorgos Gateway» LLP

    KTZE-Khorgos Gateway is the largest dry port in Central Asia, which provides a full specter of services in the processing, storage and transshipment of goods from China to Kazakhstan, the countries of…

  • «Kuryk port» LLP
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    «Kuryk port» LLP

    The seaport of Kuryk (Kazakhstan) is located on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea, south of the Aktau port, in a natural bay, , that provides rather favorable weather conditions for loading…

  • JSC «NC «Aktau Sea Trade Port»
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    JSC «NC «Aktau Sea Trade Port»

    Aktau seaport (Republic of Kazakhstan) is located on the east coast of the Caspian Sea at the intersection of several international transport corridors, which allows the transportation of dry cargo,…