«Aktau Marine North Terminal» LLP

«Aktau Marine North Terminal» (AMNT) is located on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. It was created in 2014 to increase the growth of freight traffic from Kazakhstan and Central Asia through the port of Aktau to the countries of the Caucasus and the Persian Gulf, as well as to Russia. The terminal is a link in the emerging multimodal logistics chain, which also includes the dry port «Khorgos – East gate», connected by a railway line with Aktau. At the same time, the North Terminal is a part of the TRACECA and North-South international transport corridors providing access to the ports of the Caspian, Black Sea - Mediterranean and Baltic basins, the countries of the Persian Gulf and Southeast Asia.

«AMNT» LLP provides the following services on the basis of contracts (agreements) with Clients:

1) Loading and unloading operations performed by the forces and means of LLP;

  • transshipment of grain crops;

  • receiving / sending, loading / unloading dry cargo and complex service of ships;

  • preparation of containers for shipment by sea, rail and road;

  • transshipment of bulk cargo;

  • reloading by crane oversized and heavy cargo;

2) services for the production of cargo operations;

3) storage of goods in open storage areas and in a closed warehouse, including refrigerated ones;

4) storage of goods at warehouse sites of a temporary storage warehouse.

  • Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktau, 130000, Industrial zone 7

  • Tel: +7 (7292) 203878

  • E-mail: office@amnt.kz

Full information about the services of the port and the price list can be found on the Port`s official website: