• Narzullaev Zufar Giyasovich
    Acting Chairman of the board

    Narzullaev Zufar Giyasovich

    • Short biography
      Born in 1970 in Gallaorol district, Jizzakh region. Nationality - Uzbek. Education - higher.

      In 1991 he graduated from the Samarkand Agricultural Institute.

      In 2007 he graduated State and Society Building Academy under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

      In 2009 he graduated Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers.

      Since 1996, he has worked in various senior positions in the structural divisions of the railway sector of Uzbekistan.

      In 2009-2016, he headed the Directorate for Capital Construction of the Railway Sector and took an active part in the construction of the Angren-Pap electrified railway.

      In 2016-2017, he was the first deputy khokim of the Jizzakh region.

      Since 2017, Zufar Narzullaev has served as director of the engineering company O‘zshahar qurilish invest.

      In 2014, he was awarded the Order “Fidokorona mehnatlari uchun” (“For Services to the Fatherland”).

      From Jule 13, 2023, by the decision of the sole shareholder of "Uzbekistan Temir Yullari" joint stock company No. 13/15-1 dated Jule 13, 2023, he was appointed Acting Chairman of the Board.
    • Job responsibilities
      • performs the general management of activity of the company and its executive device, bears personal responsibility for performance of the tasks assigned to society and observance of the Charter of JSC «O'zbekiston temir yo'llari», distributes duties between vice chairmen of the board, defines their powers in the solution of questions of activity of JSC «O'zbekiston temir yo'llari»;
      • provides control over the implementation of normative documents Oliy Majlis, the President of the Republic, the Cabinet, Council and board;
      • provides overall performance of society, the end results of its work in general and carries out a package of measures on increase of traffic safety of trains;
      • realizes personnel policy;
      • coordinates questions of planning of economic and financial activity and work of farms of society;
      • provides the principle of justice, a combination of economic, administrative methods of the management, one-man management and collective nature in discussion and the solution of questions of activity of society;
      • is the member of council on railway transport of the State Parties of the Commonwealth;

  • Rakhmetov Khikmatulla Narzullayevich
    Acting first deputy chairman of the board

    Rakhmetov Khikmatulla Narzullayevich

    • Short biography

      From Jule 13, 2023, by the decision of the sole shareholder of "Uzbekistan Temir Yullari" joint stock company No. 13/15-1 dated Jule 13, 2023, he was appointed First deputy chairman of the board.

    • Job responsibilities
      •  directs economic, financial and investment activity of society;
      • carries out the organization and improvement of economic activity of branch directed on increase of efficiency and profitability of production;
      • provides growth of labor productivity and a salary with achievement of the greatest results at the smallest expenses of material, labor and financial resources;
      • coordinates questions on improvement of system and structure of management of society, work with securities;
      • will organize consideration of materials on the installed systems of awarding and other types of moral and material incentive;
      • activity of divisions JSC «O'zbekiston temir yo'llari» on drawing up perspective indicators of economic and social development directs and coordinates;
      • directs work on economical and rational use of material resources.
  • No photo
    Chief manager-chief engineer


    • Job responsibilities
      • directs introduction of progressive scientific and technical development, will organize carrying out the measures directed on the complex solution of technical and technological questions, directs updating, development and effective use of the fixed business assets;
      • knows questions of work and development of farms locomotive, carriage, traveling, power supply, increase of efficiency and reliability of work of these farms on the basis of introduction of achievements of scientific and technical progress, innovative methods of the contents, repair and service of technical means provides to the alarm system and communication, providing with spare parts, materials and fuel and energy resources in necessary sizes;
      • directs work on maintenance and increase of operational reliability of locomotives, cars and other rolling stock.
      • exercises control of work of technical means of divisions of JSC «O'zbekiston temir yo'llari», of observance of technological processes, rules and norms on labor protection, industrial safety and production sanitation, requirements of nature protection, sanitary and other bodies;
      • is the chairman of scientific and technical council of JSC «O'zbekiston temir yo'llari» (NTS).

  • No photo
    Vice chairman of the board


    • Short biography

    • Job responsibilities
      • directs operational work of the company, will organize work on ensuring transportation process regarding rational use of locomotive crews and traction means, improvement of quality of transportations, effective use of a rolling stock and technical means, improvement of technology of management of transportation process;
      • exercises control of safety of train service and production of shunting work in general on JSC «O'zbekiston temir yo'llari»;
      • carries out corrective measures in activity of divisions of society regarding performance of tasks on transportations, questions of safety of train service and production of shunting work;
      • provides improvement of use of locomotives and cars, improvement of the account and reporting, operation of computer aids, introduction of modern information and communication technologies;
      • directs development of the train schedule and the related technical and technological standards.
  • Yusupov Jamolbek Zokir ugli
    Vice chairman of the board

    Yusupov Jamolbek Zokir ugli

    • Short biography

      From January 6, 2023, by the decision of the sole shareholder of "Uzbekistan Temir Yullari" joint stock company No. 72 dated December 30, 2022, he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board.


    • Job responsibilities
      • will organize work on social development of labor collectives and formation of personnel capacity of the company;
      • resolves the issues connected with improvement of life and life, satisfaction of material and spiritual needs of employees of the company;
      • the organization of educational work at the enterprises and institutions of the company, strengthening of influence of labor collectives in strengthening of discipline;
      • control of observance of social justice at the solution of questions of the social sphere;
      • organization of work on development of health system, the highest and secondary special education, improvement, rest and sport;
      • the organization at the enterprises of the company of continuous productive and economic education, effective vocational guidance, promotion of labor traditions and prestigiousness of a profession of the railroader

  • No photo
    Deputy Chairman of the Board


    • Job responsibilities

      • organizes the activities of the Company's industrial enterprises, implements measures to improve the technical and technological development of the Company's industrial enterprises;
      • organizes the formation of the investment program of the Company in terms of industrial production;
      • organizes work to attract investments in the creation of new production facilities and the modernization of the existing capacities of the Company's industrial enterprises;
      • ensures the implementation of state and industry programs for the localization of products, takes measures to deepen the localization of production;
      • ensures the development and implementation of measures to optimize the import of goods by creating import-substituting industries, to ensure the production of a wide range of products and increase the export potential of the Company;
      • coordinates the activities of industrial enterprises of the joint-stock company, as well as their interaction with ministries, departments and other divisions in terms of implementing plans for industrial production and expanding intersectoral cooperation;
      • coordinates the design and innovation activities of the Company's industrial enterprises;
      • coordinates the formation of the competitive advantage of the Company's enterprises and their products;
      • coordinates the work on organizing the production of prototypes, testing them, working out the pilot batches and the release of the first industrial series, achieving a constant increase in the reliability of products and the level of their manufacturability, reducing the cost, labor intensity and material consumption;
      • monitors the acceleration of scientific and technological progress, the transition to new technologies and the diversification of production at the Company's industrial enterprises;
      • monitors the formation of the order portfolio of the Company's industrial enterprises;
      • carries out work on bilateral scientific and technical cooperation in the field of standardization and certification with foreign countries regarding the products being mastered in the industrial enterprises of the Company.
  • Radzhapov Mansur Kuchkarovich
    Acting Deputy Chairman of the Board

    Radzhapov Mansur Kuchkarovich

    • Short biography
      He was born in 1958 in Tashkent region.
      Nationality Uzbek.
      In 1987 he graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers in the specialty "Operation of Vehicles".
      In 1999 he graduated from the Academy of State and Social Construction under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
      In railway transport since 1987.
      In 2016 he was awarded with the state award - the medal "Shukhrat".
      On October 29, 2016 with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 376 from 29.10.2016, he was appointed as a Deputy Chairman of the Board of Corporation JSC "O’zbekistan temir yo’llari".
      On January 31, 2020, by order no. NOK-84, JSC "O’zbekistan temir yo’llari" was appointed to the position of acting Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "O’zbekistan temir yo’llari".
    • Job responsibilities
      • organizes the formation of the investment program, the implementation of the investment policy of the company, including those implemented by foreign investment, and address program of construction projects;
      • organizes the introduction of new technologies in the field of construction;
      • organizes the construction of production facilities and social facilities in the standard terms;
      • ensures realization of plans to build and repair facilities of Corporation " O’zbekistan temir yo’llari ";
      • coordinates the activity of the building enterprises of the company, as well as their interaction with the ministries, departments and other units of the construction industry in terms of the implementation of capital construction plans;
      • ensures rational distribution and development base construction and contracting companies of JSC "Uzbekistan Railways", as well as improving the efficiency of their work;
      • directs the work on economical and rational use of material resources in the course of construction;
      • controls the functions of the organization of technical supervision over the quality of construction and installation works;
      • monitors the implementation of the plan design and survey work;
      • provides a high technical level of projects under construction and reconstruction of objects;
      • prepares proposals on investment in assigned sectors of the economy;
      • decides on activity units subsistence agriculture, to improve their performance.