International activity

The railway transport plays an essential role in implementation of economic relations with neighboring states, and today JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari” has bilateral agreements about cooperation in railway transport both with the State Parties of the CIS countries, and with the states of foreign countries.

The company also successfully cooperates with such international organizations as the International union of the railroads (UIC, France), the Economic and social commission of the UN for the countries of the Pacific Rim and Central Asia (UNESCAP), Central Asian regional economic cooperation (CARES) within Asian Development Bank, the Organization of cooperation of the railroads (OSJD, Poland), the Economic Cooperation Organization (ESO, Iran), Council for railway transport of the State Parties of the CIS.

Equipment by modern technical means, a geographical arrangement is done by the Uzbek railroads by the major element in the link Europe - Asia. It has special value in ensuring transport communications of China, Japan with the CIS countries, Iran, Turkey and Europe. The special place belongs to the Republic of Uzbekistan and its railroads in revival of a historical Silk way, or as we, railroad workers, call, and a transport corridor of TRASEKA which is the shortest and more economic route fr om Asia to Europe.

During the International conference on transport in November, 2006 to Busan (South Korea) by the head of railway administration of Uzbekistan signed the intergovernmental agreement on a network of the Trans-Asian railroads. If to take into account practical value of cooperation within the trans-Asian railroads and that the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with a geographical position has no direct exit to seaports, signing of this document promotes improvement of railway transport service of foreign economic relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Special value has participation of JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari” in the international tourist fairs wh ere hundreds of known travel companies of the Commonwealth countries and foreign countries are presented. On these trading floors the opportunities in the sphere of the organization of tourist transportations by railway transport on behalf of the company are represented by JSC “Uzjeldorpass”. One of them is transportations of passengers in the cars of the latest modification meeting all requirements of the international standards

JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari” accepts representatives of various international organizations, firms, the companies and railway administrations of the CIS countries, Baltic and foreign countries. At negotiations questions of bilateral cooperation, the organization of transportations, supply of materials and spare parts, constructions of new lines and constructions, investment programs and many other things are considered.

Today as serious business partners of the company the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank), KFV Bank (Germany), Eximbank (People's Republic of China) act. At the same time the great interest to the company was shown by such known firms, as "Patentes Talgo L.S." (Spain), "Zheysmar" (France), "Plasser and Toyrer" (Austria), "CNTIC" and "CRTG" (China), "BELAM" (Latvia), to "Sumimoto", "Marubeni", "Shimidz", "Kanimatsu" (Japan) and others.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is located inland therefore we seek to develop cooperation in international transport with increase of their quality and reduction of delivery periods.

Scales of the works which are carried out to the companies act as the certificate of that "The Uzbek railroads" are the reliable and stable partner in the market of transport services.