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JSC “O’zbekiston temir yo’llari” in pursuance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 16, 2021 No. UP-6247 "On additional measures to ensure the openness of the activities of state bodies and organizations, as well as the effective implementation of public control", in order to improve the official website of the JSC "Uzbekistan temir yullari", as well as providing access to open information in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 05.05.2014 No. ZRU-369 "On the openness of the activities of public authorities and administration" by the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Uzbekiston temir yullari" H.N. Khasilov issued Order No. 1241-N dated December 20, 2021 “On updating the list of open data sets of Uzbekistan Temir Yollari JSC”.

No. Open data name  Identification number in the Open data portal
Data set format
1 Management contact details and their reception hours

xml, csv, json, xls, rdf    
2 Information about the state and economic management body, local government authority (name, location, mode of operation, contact numbers for working with the population, official website, email address, name of the head, geography) 4-013-0002 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf 
3 Information on subordinate organizations, branches and regional divisions of the organization (name, location, mode of operation, contact numbers for working with the population, the official website, email address, name of the head, geolocation)
4-013-0003 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf 
4 Information on existing vacancies
4-013-0004 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
5 Information on citizens' appeals in the context of the results of their consideration and channels of treatment (by phone, in writing, through the website, by e-mail)
4-013-0005 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
6 Passenger train timetable
4-013-0006 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
7 List of stations with a list of stopping trains
4-013-0007 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
8 Register of types of pessenger railway wagons
4-013-0008 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
9 Register of types of freight railway wagons
4-013-0009 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
10 List of railway stations open for freight operation
4-013-0010 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
11 List of Interstate railway buttpoints (IRBP)
4-013-0011 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
12 List of passenger rail routes
4-013-0012 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
13 Information about public procurement, including goods (works, services) purchased by persons engaged in public procurement under direct contracts.
4-013-0013 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
14 Expenses for official business trips of officials and for the reception of guests who have arrived from abroad (the purpose of the business trip or visit, expenses for daily subsistence allowance, transport and accommodation (with the exception of state secrets and information intended for official use).
4-013-0014 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
15  Information about official motor vehicles, official housing and other immovable property at the disposal of state bodies and organizations (with the exception of things used in operational search, military and other special services).
4-013-0015 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
16 In addition to the approved annual cost estimate, its implementation, including the construction, reconstruction and capital repair of facilities, the cost of purchasing and maintaining motor vehicles, and other information.
4-013-0016 xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
19 Approved annual work plans of the Company
  xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
20 Supervisory Board of the Company
      xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
21 Report on the Company's activities
  xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
22 Information about goods planned for purchase at the expense of the state budget, state trust funds and extra-budgetary funds of budgetary organizations
  xml, csv, json, xls, rdf
23 The state budget, as well as information on their main technical indicators and other project documentation for projects funded by international financial institutions, including promising investment and infrastructure projects.       xml, csv, json, xls, rdf

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