Passenger trains

Today the assigned park of cars of JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari” generally consists of the cars released before finding of independence by the Republic of Uzbekistan that is during existence of the Central Asian railroad of the Ministry of ways of messages of the USSR.

After disintegration of Ministry of Railways of the USSR because of the arisen financial complications and a rupture of economic relations between the former republics of the USSR global updating of assigned park of cars JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari” was practically not carried out to the period, up to 2009, except for a small amount of the cars acquired from Germany on the Japanese credit.

Since 2009 the Tashkent plant on repair of cars on the basis of the "Updating of Structure of Cars" project No. PP-1442, 1446, 1668 included the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Resolutions, 1885, PP-2069, RUZ of the beginnings approved by the Deputy prime minister construction of new cars of modern models and from now on global updating of a rolling stock of JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari” including cars began.

Today more than 100 cars meeting the modern requirements of comfort and quality of service of passengers are already constructed.

Now for rendering services in transportation of passengers in JSC “Uzzheldorpass” there are cars of the following types:

SV – 18-20 local the stopped cars of distant following with 2-seater compartments;

SV luxury – the 8-local stopped cars of distant following of the increased comfort with 2-seater compartments and existence in each compartment of individual bathrooms with a shower;

TsMK – 36-40 local the stopped cars of distant following with 4-seater compartments;

TsMO – couchette cars of open type with places for lying on 54 places;

MO – interregional cars for the suburban message with rigid seats, cars of the increased comfort with places for sitting from the trains "ShARK" and "NASAF";

TsMB – baggage cars for transportation of freight-baggage;

BP – dining-cars and cars bars.

For the attention of passengers, step-by-step instructions for purchasing e-tickets: