Development strategy

Strategy of development of JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari” for 2015-2019

JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari”, from the moment of the formation– on November 7, 1994, more than 20 years is the major structure-forming link in formation and development of economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The sustainable development, stability, introduction of innovative technologies, dynamic increase of rates of economic and industrial growth of the enterprises of JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari” create favorable conditions for development of transport branch and all economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in general.

Throughout existence and functioning the railway transport works in close connection with other branches of a national economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. One of its main objectives is the satisfaction of needs of economy for providing with timely freight and passenger traffic. Work in the specified direction is conducted in different aspects and is aimed at providing safe greatest possible throughput and carrying ability of a network of the railroads of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Formation cargo and passenger traffics, optimization of expenses on operation of the railroads, safety of train service is carried out in close cooperation with foreign partners, within the international agreements.

Considering that the Republic of Uzbekistan holds a strategic geographical position in Central Asia and is the center of geopolitical development of the region, the main transit corridors connecting the North and the South, the East and the West of the continent pass through the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is one of the defining factors during the planning of development of the joint-stock company and identification of the questions needing additional study and optimization.

Optimum created and realized transport policy, and also the strategy of development of the joint-stock company developed taking into account needs of the state and consumers, according to earlier signed international agreements in the sphere of railway transport, focused on attraction of investments into this branch and respectively in economy of the state, will directly play one of fundamental roles when providing steady social and economic policy of the state on prospect.

At study of long-term plans of development of the joint-stock company the condition of branch, regarding identification of "bottlenecks", the key moments needing adjustment for further social and economic development of the country and branch was carefully studied:

  • need of updating of fixed assets of railway transport;
  • accumulation of technological and technological level of railway equipment;
  • need of uniform development of infrastructure of railway transport, increase in throughput and carrying abilities of railway lines;
  • need of creation of conditions for attraction of investments into the sphere of railway transport and growth of volumes of transit freight transportation;
  • need of increase of safety of functioning of railway transport;
  • need of increase in extent of the electrified lines;
  • need of construction of new sites of railway lines for ensuring satisfaction of needs of national economy for timely delivery of finished goods, raw materials and materials;
  • need of increase in the established speeds of movements on the ground of the republic for increase of appeal and comfortableness of railway transport, and also development of the sphere of tourist services;
  • need of increase of appeal of the railroads of the country with attraction of investments for implementation of projects on development and creation of new transport corridors;
  • need of carrying out researches and scientific development for ensuring dynamic development of society, introduction of innovative technologies and increase of its technological level, expansion of cooperation in the specified sphere;
  • development of high-speed and high-speed passenger traffics;
  • formation of the coordinated policy in the field of technical regulation, traffic safety and environment protection;
  • formation and development of the market of transport, forwarding and other logistic services;
  • development of system of the multimodal transport and logistics centers for development of system of transport corridors;
  • development of railway interstate boundary transitions, increase of their technical equipment and improvement of technology of their work for operational work;
  • need of improvement of standard and legal base, further work on harmonization of interstate standards and works on system of confirmation of compliance in the field of railway transport, objects of infrastructure;
  • increase of labor productivity, level of mechanization and automation of the carried-out works.

The purpose of Strategy of development is formation and continuation of development of railway branch, as integral part of economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, increase in trasport-transit capacity of the country, creation of new workplaces, increase of level of localization of production, maintaining the coordinated policy in the field of transport and technical regulation, and also safety and increases of level of comfortableness and reliability of train service, increase of investment appeal of railway transport.

The basic principles of complex development of branch are the following aspects:

  • the railway transport is an integral part of economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • planning of development of railway transport has to be carried out in an agreement with development of other branches of economy;
  • the advancing development of railway branch is guarantee of stability on prospect of this sector of national economy;
  • attraction of investments and increase of level of localization of products has to be supported and provided from state regulation;
  • carrying out further works on harmonization of the railway right, policy in the field of technical regulation has to be conducted together with the involved ministries and departments, on the basis of support from the state.

According to earlier adopted Resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 15.12.2010g. No. PP-1442 "About priorities of development of the industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2011-2015", from 21.12.2010g. No. PP-1446 "About acceleration of development of infrastructure, transport and communication construction in 2011-2015", from 06.03.2015g. No. PP-2313 "About the Program of development and modernization of engineering and communication and road and transport infrastructure for 2015-2019" and to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 04.03.2015g. No. UP-4707 "About the Program of measures for ensuring structural transformations, modernization and diversification of production for 2015-2019" in the Republic of Uzbekistan throughout the entire period of existence and functioning, conducted continuous work on development of railway branch. In the specified documents the main directions of development, increase of production capacity of branch, satisfaction of requirements of the enterprises and the population of the country in high-quality transportation of goods, updatings of a rolling stock, carrying out rehabilitation and modernization of railway lines, increases of level of electrification of railway lines, etc. were defined.

At the moment the railway branch has to finish implementation of earlier planned projects, provide perspective, high-quality development for an exit to higher level of functioning.

The got experience in the field of construction and operation of railway infrastructure with participation of own means of society and broad attraction of investments both foreign, and the Republic of Uzbekistan, gave the chance to come to world level at construction and operation of a new railway line Hairatan – Mazari-Sharif in the territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Maintaining this policy and possible increase in percent of participation of foreign investors has to be followed by accurately verified policy in range of definition of terms and volumes of repayment of the credits and conditions of their delivery to society.

Plans for rehabilitation of railway lines and construction of the new have to consider some main criteria for definition of degree of priority of the project planned to realization, namely:

  • lines of strategic appointment (for formation of a uniform transport network of the Republic of Uzbekistan);
  • lines of geopolitical appointment, for formation and development of the new and existing international transport corridors;
  • lines of mainly cargo appointment, for ensuring approaches, development and optimization of functioning, development and operation of new fields, the industrial enterprises of the country;
  • lines of passenger appointment, for development of tourism of the country, increase of comfortableness of the movement and increase in mobility of the population of the state;
  • lines for carrying out rehabilitation and modernization, for increase of the established speeds of the movement, train service safety;
  • the modernized operating lines intended for development of expected volumes of transportations and the organization of high-speed passenger traffic.

For further development of infrastructure and a rolling stock of the company it is provided:

  • construction of new railway lines and rehabilitation of the operated;
  • construction new and reconstruction of the existing separate points;
  • use of modern information systems and systems of digital communication;
  • automation of function of management of trains;
  • expansion of functions of safety of station control systems in shunting stations;
  • further development of the logistic centers, the organization on their base of effective interaction with other means of transport;
  • introduction of technologies of interaction with clients by expansion of use of interactive services;
  • increase of a share of transit transportation of goods due to quality of transport service;
  • use of modern materials and designs;
  • development of partnership with the countries "spaces 1520";
  • development and introduction of innovative technologies.

Modernization of the existing material base of railway transport provides:

  • modernization of a rolling stock with extension of an operational resource and improvement of technical and economic characteristics;
  • increase of throughput and carrying ability of railway lines for the purpose of an exception of possibility of "narrow" places;
  • updating of a rolling stock and technical means with the expired service life on new equipment with high efficiency and a low repair capacity;
  • introduction of innovative technologies in the field of operation and repair of objects of railway transport;
  • increase in average local speed in a freight traffic;
  • decrease in specific energy consumption on hauling operation;
  • increase in route speeds of passenger trains on the main directions.

Realization of the above works will provide the solution of national objectives in the field of railway transport.

Following the results of realization creation of a uniform transport network of the railroads of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be reached, the infrastructure of all regions of the country is evenly developed, the base of a rolling stock is updated, and conditions for the stable growth of economy of the state are created.

Reforming of branch will provide optimization of its structure and inflow of investments for modernization and expansion of a network of the railroads.

Modern technologies and technological effectiveness of production will provide need of national economy for high-quality transportations.

Increase of speed and reliability of cargo delivery will promote decrease in needs of producers for working capital and, therefore, reduction in cost of production and sale of goods, increase of competitiveness of economy.

As a result of realization of the above works mobility of the population will be increased. The increase in the ground of high-speed passenger traffic is planned (with a speed up to 160 km/h and above).

In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 173 dated June 19, 2009, "On additional measures to expand the introduction of quality management systems at the enterprises of the republic in accordance with international standards", in JSC “O’zbekistan temir yo’llari” there was introduced a quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 : 2008. In connection with the decision of the international organization on standardization in 15.09.2015 a new version of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 has been published. 2017 On April 27, in JSC “O’zbekistan temir yo’llari” there was introduced a quality management system in accordance with the new version of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. There is an international certificate.