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  • Commission fees for ticketing.
    In addition to the ticket price, a commission is collected from the passenger for the services provided when selling tickets. The commission is charged for each place in the size set by the carrier at negotiated prices.

    Commission fees for today are:

    Since November 19, 2019, the commission fee (for each seat on the passenger train) is:

    - for high-speed Afrosiyоb trains - 18,000 soums;

    - for all passenger trains of domestic communication - 18,000 soums;

    - for all interstate passenger trains in communication with the CIS countries, the formation of JSC "Uzbekistan Temir Yollari" - 63 000 sum;

    - for all interstate passenger trains in communication with the CIS countries, the formation of other states - 63 000 sum;
    - for the interstate train Tulpar Talgo No. 001/002 (Almaty - Tashkent - Almaty) - 43 000 sum.

    O’ztemiryo’lyo’lovchi JSC

  • How to buy e-tickets?

    Before registration of the order for purchase of the electronic travel paper it is necessary for you to pass authentication on a site or to be registered.

    For registration of the new user it is necessary to press the button Registration. In the opened window enter the information to the operating e-mail address, think up and enter the new password (not the password fr om e-mail), confirm new password, press the button «Я не робот», press Button " register». The password should contain not less than 8 signs. On the specified e-mail address the letter will be sent. It is necessary for you to activate an account, having passed under the reference in the letter.

    Further the authentication of the user is done on the basis of operating login or to the e-mail address.

    In the field «the departure Station» is entered the station name, whence you want to leave, for example «Tashkent» and choose station from the arising list of stations. In our case «Tashkent PASS CENTER. (УТИ)». УТИ means Uzbekiston temir yullari- Uzbekistan railways. In the field «Station of destination» choose a station of destination, for example, «Moscow KAZAN (MSK)». Choose date of departure and press button «Begin». In case of absence of a train in the named date press button «Back» and choose other date.

    From the list of available trains choose the train necessary to you and press «Next».

    Then choose car number wh ere there are empty seats and press to «Begin».

    Then you can note on the car scheme a place necessary for you (light — free, dark — sold, the chosen place — green). Enter the correct Surname, the Name, the Patronymic, Date of birth, the Gender, document Type, document Number, the State of issuing of the document, the Place of issuing of the document, Type of the tariff and press button «Add». If you need to issue more tickets then repeat procedure. Then press «Next».

    Then press acknowledgement of your consent with the public offer and press button «Pay».

    Then fill fields «card Number», «Phone number», «card Period of validity» and press to «Continue».

    After payment of the electronic ticket on a site the electronic travel paper with requisites of a trip and number of your electronic ticket (14 numbers) is formed.

    Then in a ticket office on the basis of your electronic ticket the ticket for the established form of the strict reporting is made out.

    Attention! The given instruction is intended only for the help at registration of electronic tickets. For more detailed information click the following link:

  • Where is it possible to buy the ticket?
    The train ticket can be bought in railway cash desks or at the station, it is necessary to address only to workers of the station with breastplates (ticket clerks, persons on duty on the station, persons on duty on a hall, agents on issue of references). Apply for additional information on phone 1005.
  • What discounts are there for children?
    The passenger has the right in the train to take with himself free of charge one child aged till five years without granting a separate place. When following with the passenger more than one child aged till five years, one of them is transported free of charge, the others – with 50 percentage discount from tariff cost with granting a separate place. Aged from five till ten years 50 percentage discount from tariff cost with granting a separate place is also provided to children. For children 10 years are more senior have to get tickets, as for adults.
  • What are the privileges for acquisition railroad tickets?

    According to the operating statutes, resolutions of the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Agreement of the CIS of March 12, 1993 "About mutual recognition of the rights for preferential journey for disabled people and participants of the Great Patriotic War, and also persons equated by it" — signed with Heads of governments the right of a free pass by rail is granted once a year (there and back):

    a) To the Heroes of the Soviet Union and persons who are awarded the order Slava of three degrees;

    b) to disabled veterans of 1 and 2 groups; from among the military personnel, workers and employees got wound and to persons to them equated;

    c) to disabled people to liquidators of accident on the CNPP (within the Republic of Uzbekistan).

  • The right for a 50 percent discount from fare by rail in exchange for coupons and upon presentation of the certificate is granted once a year (two way ticket):

    a) to disabled people of the Great Patriotic War of 3 groups;

    b) to participants of the Great Patriotic War and persons to them equated; To Persons who need journey with a 50 percent discount by rail once a year (there and back) the free pass every two years (there and back) in exchange for coupons of two years is provided at will (the current and previous or current year and the subsequent).

    Thus in the direct direction registration of such trip is made in exchange for two coupons "there", and in the return — on two coupons "back". This order extends also on disabled people of the Great Patriotic War of 3 groups and on the persons equated to participants of the Great Patriotic War

  • What documents are necessary for registration of travel documents?

    Registration of the travel document is made on the basis of an identification paper of the passenger (the passport, the military ID), and on children aged till 16 years – the birth certificate, in the presence in the passport of parents of the pasted photo of children. At departure of minor children out of limits the Republic of Uzbekistan with their lawful representatives (parents, the grandmother, the aunt) it is necessary to have the power of attorney and instead of the birth certificate of the child the certificate of the citizen the Republic of Uzbekistan who didn't reach 16 years.

    As it is correct to read the train ticket

    1. Number of the train

    2. Date of departure from a starting point

    3. A departure time from a starting point

    4. Number of the car and a class (To - a compartment, P-reserved seats)

    5. Number of passengers and type of the ticket

    6. Destination

    7. Passenger seat (that)

    8. Data of the passenger (number of the passport, surname)

    9. Ticket cost

    10. Date and arrival time

    11. Information on conveyance
  • How many kilograms of hand luggage can be transported?
    Each passenger has the right at himself to transport 36 kg. hand luggage. In the presence of the receipt on payment the passenger has the right to hand over in the car of a mobile left-luggage office to 50 kg. personal belongings.
  • What document regulates passenger traffic?

    Passenger traffic on railway transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan is regulated:

    – "Rules of transportations of passengers, baggage and cargo baggage by railway transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan", the approved resolution of the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 13, 2012 No. 109. The full text of rules can be downloaded here.

    – "The provision on an order of production of examination of passengers and other persons, hand luggage, baggage at railway stations (stations)" and "Rules of finding of passengers and other persons at railway stations (stations)", the approved resolution of the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan of November 30, 2011 No. 314. The full text of rules can be downloaded here.

  • What penalties exist for return of the unused train ticket?

    If before departure of the train remains not less than days, the passenger can return the ticket of distant/near following. Thus the penalty for return of the ticket is raised: 1000 bags for the local directions, 25500 for routes of distant following (25000 bags — commission collecting, 500 bags — a penalty for return operation).

    If to an opravleniye of the train remains less than days, at return cash collecting, the reserved seat sum is lost, and also the penalty for return operation is raised.

    After departure of the train, the ticket can be returned to cash desk within an hour. Thus 25% of a total cost of the ticket keep, later the ticket isn't subject to delivery or return.