Terms of use of site materials

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1) Partial or full use of the Site materials (tables, text, photo, video and other formats) on Internet websites for non-commercial purposes is possible only if the following conditions are met: 

  • The information of the official source (Website) must be preserved in the text, i.e. when using the materials, it is not allowed to make changes that distort their content and meaning;

  • The source must be indicated in the title or at the end of the publication — an active hyperlink to the direct address of the material on the Site (visually distinguishable, highlighted in color, or underlined, and also not closed from indexing by search engines);

  • In the case when the borrowed material of the Site is already being republished from other sources, the active hyperlink should be placed exclusively on the original source, i.e. – railway.uz.

 2) Use of materials (text, photo, video and other media presentations) outside the Internet:

 Republication in the form of electronic or printed books, newspaper, magazine publications or other replication outside the Internet is possible only with the written consent of the Site Administration and necessarily requires the conclusion of special agreements. 

At the same time, we are always open and ready for constructive legitimate cooperation  

To discuss cooperation issues, send a request to the site Administration.